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Character (Original Universe)
Name: Figment
Age: ~5 days at most.
Gender: Male
Canon: Marvel's Disney Kingdoms: Figment comic series
Canon Point: post-final issue
History: Comic's wiki
Figment specific
Despite his small size, Figment has an abundance of energy, always interested in his surroundings and constantly wanting to learn. He has the curiosity of a child.

He likes dreaming up new ideas and making new things out of those ideas, and branching them out indefinitely. He wants to help people, so he's not exactly a quiet fellow, happy to talk peoples' ears off, babbling off in tangents inspired by what others are talking about, and maybe someone can actually make use of his words.

He also can be quite mischievous, which without meaning to can cause some accidental chaos.

He always believes that there's hope. To not give up! He encourages people, like Fye, that there can be somewhere for them, even if they feel like they don't belong.

Even in a nightmarish world that was trying to destroy his light, he believed. And all that mattered to him was for Blair to always believe in him. When that started to fail (because Blair lost belief for everything), Figment found his friend and reminded him of hope.


Figment is a friendly sort—after all, that's what he was first created for, long ago in a child's mind. An imaginary friend to keep an outcast boy company! Except then, one day, he was brought to life.

He has no reason to hold his thoughts back. There's no sense talking over things though. Sometimes you just have to explore!

He's extremely helpful, as seen from how he helped Blair fix up his machine.

He's fascinated by even the most dangerous thing, like when Blair opened up a portal that sucked him and Figment through, Figment thought it was amazing. Or when they were falling through the sky, being attacked by birds, he said “That was exciting!” after they landed.

Figment has a relatively decent knowledge of books from [year] and back, as Blair had a large library that Figment would read from in the short free time he had.

His sense of humor is often times full of awful puns, and occasionally colored with sarcasm.

“If you're enjoying yourself, then it's not wasted time!”
“[...] the rules are whatever we want them to be!”

His biggest fears, being thrown at him while he was in the Nightmare Nation, was being abandoned, things becoming hopeless, and that he wasn't even real. While all those he could overcome, what hit him hardest was He [Blair] doesn't believe in anything anymore, meaning that Blair also stopped believing in him, reducing Figment to nothing but a simple spark of imagination. But that spark was all he needed, and he was able to remind Blair that he would always be there, and to guide him out of his misery.

That said, he doesn't like being alone for long periods of time. While his moogle can be relatively decent company, Figment will eventually seek others out. He doesn't want to go back to a time when he was just a silent voice, unable to reach out to anyone.

While he isn't much of a fighter, if his friends are in trouble, he'll throw his small body into the fray, doing whatever he can manage to help. For example, when the Clockwork Control tries to bring “order” to London, he uses his body to block the vision of one so that Fye can take it out.

“I bet we can use our imagination to discover all kinds of new things!”

His fascination with knowledge will potentially cause him problems, eventually. He'd probably be one of those employees people hate, that keeps jumping around jobs, never sticking with one for more than a couple of months. Sorry, employers.

Third-Person Sample:
He wakes up.

He wakes up with a strangled yell and a hand reaching out for his companion, because the last thing he remembers is the Dreamfinder reaching out for him, but their hands never meet and he wakes up, alone. Was this the result of the Nightmare Nation, again? He doesn't want to be involved with that place again, still remembering (always remembering) the cloying darkness that enveloped him and his friends and the condescending words it whispered.

But no, he remembers a warmth. The warmth had been lacking in the Nightmare Nation. He'd grabbed it, right? Cradled it close.

Finally, Figment registers his surroundings and the rather irritated moogle still murmuring kupo at him. He blinks yellow eyes and tilts his head and regards the creature, only a little smaller than him. Figment smiles. He wonders what he'd look like with a pom-pom attached to his head! It'd go nicely with this... strange robe that he's not sure how he ended up with.

He listens to what the moogle's telling him, nodding along even though his thoughts drift to other things, like the beautiful crystal before him, so much larger than the one in his claw, and thinking about what happened with the Dreamfinder and if he was worried. But at least the Dreamfinder still believed, even if Figment had been taken away. Figment would no longer exist otherwise, right?

Clearly he's been paying some attention to the moogle, Pippet, though, because he asks: "The Aqures Ixen Queen... is she nice?"

Mognet Sample:
Dear Friend,
I'm experiencing a lot in this world, though Pippet is once again mad at me, for the same reason that I wrote to you last time. Remember? He said I needed to stop swapping my employment all the time. That it "looks bad" or something very silly like that. But how do I learn everything I can if I just keep the same old job? I want to try new things! I need to expand my knowledge! The only way to do that is to try whatever I can get my little hands on.

Pippet doesn't really understand this, though. Do you? I think it makes perfect sense, even if it confuses my... employers. "Employers." Such a strange word! They remind me a lot like someone I met, once.

Oh well. Maybe I should try Pippet's job, next. I have wings, too. I can deliver mail just as fast, I bet! Even better than him! Ha!

Oh... He's glaring at me for that comment. Now I wonder if this letter is going to arrive in one p
--[the letter is missing a decent chunk out it it, about the size of a moogle... biting part of it off. awkward.]

Moogle Name: Pippet
Moogle Gender: Male.
First Job: Illusionist
Second Job: Scholar
Limit Break: "Spark Conversion." Based off the Dreamfinder's Dream Machine, which pulls in items and spits out new, useful creations. Figment's Limit Break isn't a blimp, but he glows with a radiant, multi-colored aura and pulls objects to it, changing them out for powerful weapons for him or other people to use. The more inspired people around, the more powerful his Limit.